March 29, 2010

cliffside dogon village, originally uploaded by rajarajaraja.

An abandoned cliffside Dogon village. Wikipedia tells us that the Dogon are “an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of Mali, south of the Niger bend near the city of Bandiagara in the Mopti region” with a population between 400,000 to 800,000. The Dogon people are known for their mythology, their mask dances, wooden sculpture and their architecture.

Wikipedia also tells us that the Dogon practice both male and female genital cutting. (Wiki says that the Dogon view circumcision for both male and female as necessary for the individual to gain gender. Before circumcision they are seen as ‘neuter’.)

Enjoy today’s photo! If you like the photo, please drop a comment to the original photographer at Flickr.


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